Bike in first place

The Big poker October came to a conclusion tonight with the player appreciation freeroll filling the room. It was a little chaotic but the staff were not panicking. The cause of the confusion was the awarding of extra chips for every tournie played. With 4000 qualified to play someone was given a bit of extra paperwork.Vinny Vinh would have been one of the starting chip leaders but he didn’t play. Maybe he has moved on to Vegas or the Hustler.

My friends Vanna Tea, Lizette Acoba,TNT and Deputy Scott Diamond qualified.

Not sure if the freeroll included dinner. Some players in the room were not part of the freeroll but playing out the ME. 738 found the $330 entry fee and the first prize was a useful $63458. Matt Ara was the overnight leader with 400k+ but was eliminated in 20th for just $1210. Craig Chait was 21st, CMac 61st + the lovely Vanna Tea 63rd.

ME results:

1) Fran Pena $63458
2) Mike Stella $29525
3) Quan Trieu $15400
4) Chris Black $10800
5) Brian Castillo $8385
6) Gary Weiss $6520

In a strange coincidence the freeroll was won by a Pena. Ruben Pena won $2k. Neither Pena had a previous cash according to the reliable hendonmob database. Congrats also to Jacky Lee who cashed in both tournies.

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5 Comments to “Bike in first place”

  1. UGH! I never have any chips!!! I run soooo BAD! Did you decide to cover the DTP tonight?

  2. i think i will be playing tonite

  3. Steve says:

    At 6:30pm it was just the railbirds, then right on 7pm everyone arrived.Since they had to pay the Bike cashier then register the team with Dream Team owners it started late but they probably had 20 teams,

  4. I wasn’t able to attend last night, something came up and I went to Corona/Yorba Linda.

    How was it? Only 20 teams registered? That was not many.

  5. Raul Rosales says:

    they had over 35 teams sign up eventually , the jackoffs where the first place team winners wit under 10 points

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