Bellagio festa end of Day4

For those of you who thought that Lavallee was where you left your car in Paris think again. It is the surname of the young guy from Montreal who is the new chip leader in the WPT at the Bellagio.Well played and good luck to Craig Crivello a reader.01,250


Name Hometown Chip Count

Jason Lavallee

Montreal, Canada


Freddy Deeb

Las Vegas, NV

55-2 Shawn Cunix Columbus, OH 2,189,000
55-5 Kido Pham Dallas, TX 1,500,000
55-1 Tommy Vedes New York, NY 1,437,000
53-1 Jason Burt Newport Beach, CA 1,194,000
53-2 Chris Bjorin London, UK 812,000
55-4 Larry Berg

Las Vegas, NV

53-6 Richard Sciuto Orange, CA 738,000
55-3 Aaron Jones Indianapolis, IN 679,000
53-3 Craig Crivello Las Vegas, NV 539,000

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2 Comments to “Bellagio festa end of Day4”

  1. Connie says:

    Thanks again for rooting for him! Craig says thanks too and we are looking forward to the final 6 tomorrow! Craig says he’ll save you a VIP seat if you want to come sweat the action tomorrow at 4pm!

  2. Steve says:

    Yw.Always happy to see one of the nice guys grab their 15 minutes of fame. I am in L.A. but will be following Craigs progress. Hopefully, see you at the Commerce.

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