Bellagio down from 368 to 244: 33% drop!


Phil Hellmuth made his entrance, a day after the majority of the field. He doesn’t need a room there tonight as he is out.Of course, the cash games vultures hope he “stays n plays”. Mark Seif held onto second place. The Tilly/Laak room, dreaming of a FT together last night, is also vacant both players eliminated during play today.Arcadia’s best poker player, Kenny Tran, only lasted one level after registering late.At least we have a fine racetrack even if it has filed chapter 11 and nobody can afford to buy horses.Tomorrow is free admission and a $55k pick six carryover though.

Only one female left, Kathy Liebert. I wish I had a c note for every time this has happened.

With such a small field only 27 places paid. With 400 or more the Bellagio pays 100, great news for the guys who won their seat in one of the Supers.

WPT Morta al Lago $15k:

1) $1.2m

19-27) $23855

Table 60 tomorrow includes chip leader Jason Somerville:

Seat 1) Jordan Smith 182k
2) Jason Somerville 557k
3) Craig Crivello 138k
4) James Carroll 147k
5) Kevin Boudreau 39k
6) Scott Dorin 80k
7) Dan Shak 132k
8) George Saca $50k
9) Glynn Beebe 86kCraig Crivello

Apparently Phil Hellmuth took full advantage of the new “buy in to end of Level8″ to not even play today. He has some catching up to do with bothFull Tilt’s Mike Matusow and Absolute’s, if it exists, Mark Seif with just over 220k. Chip counts for some of the players I know:

1) Mike Matusow 224k
2) Mark Seif 222k
8) Chino Rheem 172k
10) Jon Little 162k
61) Zach Hyman 86k
72) Stan Fulton 78k
95) Craig Crivello 68k
112) James Van A 61k
118) Glynn Beebe 59k
170) Men Nguyen 35k
172) Champie Douglas 35k
192) Tom Schneider 11kLittleFluffyClouds

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