WSOPE: looking like a classic

The Harrahs dream ticket is a final table with six of the biggest name pros plus three Davids dreaming of slaying the giants. I don’t mean David Benyamine either. Add a lippy Valley girl ,like Tiffany, to  set the forums on fire and the WSOP execs are orgasmic.

The ME at the Rio failed to do this despite having the heir to the Card Player empire,Jeff Shulman, at the FT alongside Phil Ivey.

The WSOPE is down to 36 .The stories are endless although I will probably make do with a couple of paragraphs.

In 36th place Men the Master on a solo mission to win some Euros. 34th the only man who scores for Hull city, Dave Ulliot.30th place James Akenhead hoping to make the Euro final before flying to Vegas for the other one.In 26th Liz Lieu a feared LHE from L.A., is the last surviving female.21 today but over 70 in life the legendary Doyle Brunson.In 17th Teddy Sheringham. He only played for my rival soccer teams including the hated Red Devils but I always get a kick out of seeing Teddy as he strolls the corridors of the Rio unrecognized.In 11th Ram Vaswani.AWOL at the Rio but back with an appetite here.

The top nine include Keith Hawkins “The Camel” a super British pro and fun dinner companion.The WSOP staff will probably not play the Sex Pistols version of “God save the Queen” if John Kabbaj wins. A lesson they learned at the Rio this summer. Like son like father Barry Shulman has a fine chance of achieving this unique feat of playing in a WSOP ME the same year as his son Jeff. I like the present CardPlayer staff and even Barry seems to have gone away quietly after losing the WSOP to pokernews.

I would love to see Praz Bansi win. He is friends with Akenhead but has run into a dry spell until this event after being touted as Britains best “dark horse”.

1)Matt Hawrilenko 705k
2) Steve Fung 648k
3) Praz Banzi 470k
4) A Mattern 469k
5) Barry Shulman 452k
6) John Kabbaj 448k
7) Peter Gould 409k
8) Sham Demjan 367k
9)Keith Hawkins 330kPraz + fans

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