Two FT but little else

Thursday was an even quieter day. I think Brandon was hoping Scott Diamond would drop by. 110 players for the shootout which concluded tonight.  Brian McCann is above average weight and couldn’t fit at the eleven handed ft so pushed all in on the first hand and was eliminated. Not sure if he stopped for a dog,hot or corn, on the way out.
1) Andrew Marlott $10500
2) Martin Corpus $5700
3) Harvey Hunnicut $3500
4) Vahan Sudzhyan $2850
5) Derek Kwan $2100
6) Alex Boccio $1900
7) Brian Schott $1600
8) Ken Martin $1200
9) John Smith $950
10) Sunny Saini $600
11) Brian McCann $600

The final table from yesterday saw Sam Dassa play heads up for the trophy, a model of the casino + hotel with Eric Yilmaz.

Friday is Day1a of the $330 buy in $400k guaranteed. Expect 800 including Sara Chau.

Congrats to Brett Jungblut, “Gank”,who has been signed by Lock poker a sub of the other one syllable site Cake

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