Turn $300 into $130k at the Commerce

Matt Savage and asst Sam Quinto found time for a round of golf before todays tournament. The final figure of 547 means that Matt needs another 750 players to make the guarantee. Players from Day1a are eligible to play again on Saturday unless they finish in the top 27 today in which case they return on Sunday at 1pm for the final.

First time ever an overlay during a Matt Savage Commerce tournie. The final numbers entries 1245 First prize $108k.

No golf for me on a very hot L.A. day but I did have time to stop at a Vietnamese sandwich shop where they use french baguettes. Love fusion cuisine!

The Commerce allowed me to go up to the sound room today to take some overhead shots of the whole room. Mike Chung has been playing with time lapses recently, shooting sunsets and flowers opening so I asked Matt if he could time lapse the tournament. The results were ,as I expected,interesting. Thanks to everyone at the Commerce for cooperating in the experiment.

The top six from days 1 (a&b) were 1) Sean Riley 221k 2) Greg Pohler 205k 3) David Lerman 205K 4) Yuyi Jiang 113k 5) Xuan Nguyen 175k 6) Amir Vahedi 154k

Phil Laak was in the cash game area so no trip to London for him this year, I assume.Commerce tournie time lapse

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