Main Event time at Commerce

Once again Matt Savage has shown what a truly great TD he is. He pitched the buy in,$2500, high enough to attract some big names and still affordable ,if only through satellites, to the locals. Matt needed around 200 to avoid having to use the Commerces own money and the figure as I write is 263 with players trickling in.

First place is almost $190k.

Pro players I can see : Adan Junglen, Al Barbieri, Allen Kessler, Adam Weinraub, Joe Bartholdi, , Lars Bonding, Blake  Cahail, Cornell Cimpan, Marcello del Grosso, Rod Fani, Gavin Griffin, Tad Jurgens,Adam Levy,Kathy Liebert, Toto Leonidas, JJ Liu, Chris McCormack, Jon Neckar,Frankie O’Dell, Joe Tehan, Vinny Vinh + Nichoel Peppe last SoCal woman standing in this years WSOPME.

Congrats to Ross Boatman for finishing fourth in the 5k buy in at the WSOPE.

I said 81 would survive the day at the Commerce. Matt thinks between 5-7 tables will return. After four levels we have lost 102 players donks. Chip leaders look to be Eric Baldwin, Shawn Bessey and Adam Weinraub.

No sign of my chipleaders at the end of day one. Dinner breaks change everything,usually.

42 out of 270 remain:
1)Tyler Patterson 243k
2)Dan Lu 174k
3) Mike Woo 163k
4) James Gorham 134k
5) Andre Dyonisio
6) John Conkright 123k
26) Pogos 42k
28) Frankie O’Dell 37k
32) Kathy Liebert 28k
39) Alen Kessler 23k

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