Live from the Commerce FT

One hour in and no eliminations.

2:40pm 100 minutes in and Andrew Koly, a satellite winner, is eliminated by Tyler Patterson.

9) Andrew Koly $11786


First break first chip count update:
1) Tyler Patterson 880k
2) Derek Christensen 375k
3) Bao Dao 340k
4) Michael Woo 465k
5) John Conkright 230k
6) Dan Lu 180k
7) Paul Chauderson 170k
8) Ed Liu 65k

Paul Chauderson flops a set of nines only to discover John Conkright flopped a set of aces.All in, one out.

8)Paul Chauderson $16369

John Conkright eliminated by Michael Woo.

7) John Conkright  $22262


Ed Lu eliminated by Bao Dao the two shortest names in poker. Bao had pocket kings. I told Matt we should be outside on a perfect wind free L.A. afternoon. Or they could turn off the A.C. in here,it is cold.

6) Ed Liu $29464

Dan Lu, another short name, eliminated with pocket tens by Derek Christensen’s pocket aces.

5) Dan Lu $37321

Approx chip counts:

1) Michael Woo 955k
2) Tyler Patterson 680k
3) Bao Dao 560k
4) Derek Christensen 505k

Tyler Paterson makes a FH with his AK and eliminates Bao Dao with AQ.

4) Bao Dao  $47797


Still three. Derek C is staying out of the action hoping one of the others will be eliminated and he can take home the $100k for second. It may work. Derek has $305k with the blinds and antes at 3k-9k-18k. At least I won’t be tempted to watch the Amazing Race if I am here. The staff want a result as Matt is buying everyone dinner, out of his millions.Unlike Vegas L.A. restaurants tend to close at 9pm (so the owners can gamble it up at the Commerce all evening.)


no change except Derek’s stack has predictably shrunk.
1) Tyler Patterson 1 .6k
2) Michael Woo 1.1m
3) Derek Christensen 115k.


Derek is out. He pushed his last 100k or so with KQ and Michael Woo called with 6d8d and hit a six to hit Derek’s game for six.

3) Derek Christensen $72023

With Derek out of the way the other two relaxed in the knowledge that the least they would collect was $100k. Tyler was crippled on the first all in and a few hands later it was over.

2) Tyler Patterson $104105
1) Michael Woo $189876

A great series. Not many names as it clashed with Barcelona, Cyprus + London. If you missed it then pencil in Nov 5th when the next series returns. The next series includes stud and HORSE.

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