Der der “I am Iron man.”

The strains of Black Sabbath are playing as I write from my perch right in front of the Iron Man tables. Only two tables at the moment but I can see latecomers increasing it to three. I will bring you a list of all IronMen soon. I don’t see any Iron women entrants.

Todays $1k tournament attracted 49 entries and only 20 have survived the first two levels. Young Phan, Johnny Neckar, Super Mario,Raz Mael,Susan Miller the previous $1k winner and Nam Le’s brother are amongst the survivors.The results are in and none of the above made the money:
1) Dan Lu $21k
2) Craig Boyd $10.4k
3) Vic Shalom $6k
4)Scott Barrows $3.5k
5) Tyler Witteman $2k

The Heads Up is still in progress: looks like Tyler Patterson, Herbert Gelman, Sumeet Mody and Gabriel Habbaba are the last four.

The bounty tournie from yesterday is over. results:
1) Chester Sobeleske $23k
2) Hoa Quoch $12k
3) jeff Clayton $8k
4) Maria Phan $6k
5) Paul Javier $4k

The Ironman is up to six tables. Soon it may be down to five as we have lost six. The first was Mike Kamran who had pocket queens and a player with AJ flopped a set. Mike lasted eight minutes which is girlfriend said was a record.The 54 entries are:

Kyle Allen, Erik Aude, Guda Azulay, Robert Baesch, Estrella Baltazar, Sami Banizuraij, Joe Bartholdi, Brian Brubaker,Vasile Buboi, Bryan Bulthaup,Max Casale, Andrew Cimpan,Osmin Dardon, Haydar Eftekhari,Mario Esquerra,Steve Friedlander,Ira Friedman,Richard Fuller, Gavin Griffin,Gabriel Habbaba,Hiroaki Harada, Ken Hsiung,Mike Kamran,Pat karschamroon,Lynn Kenny,Huy Lam,Louis Laxineta, Ilia Lekach,Mike Lerner,Andy Malott,Vigen Manukyan,Orlando Moore,Aaron Motoyama,Alan Myerson,Phuoc Nguyen, Xuan Nguyen, Tay Nguyen, Chris Overgard, Tyler Patterson, Nick Phoenix, Brett Radin, Petros Rumelyan, Jason Sanders, Shane Scleger, Sam Simon, John Smith, Edwin tekmar, Walter Terrones, Eugine Tito, Hung Tran, Chris Tryba, Adam Weinraub, Mel Weiner + Chung Yu.

Adam Weinraub and Mike Kamran are out. Adam Junglen and Rick Fuller are out. Basebaldy,Daryl Fish and Matt Graham are in.Down to 23 by 11pm. The next Ironman either has to be limit or restricted to players as tight as Allen Kessler and Surinder Sunar.
Ironman results:
1) Brett Radin
2) Chris Tryba
3) Farzin Akhtar
4) Tyler P
5)Brian Brubaker
6) Eric Baldwin


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