Commerce ME :Payday

4:00pm: Two away from the money as I write. Allen Kessler + Kathy Liebert have been eliminated so John Phan is the last name survivor. Robert DeNiro son is playing and he has a fine chance of making the money. He made a FT in a $1500 event at the WSOP but was under the radar as I am sure ESPN would have been all over him.


Still not in the money. Things are critical for Frankie O’Dell. With the antes and blinds at 300-1k-2k he has 10k. Diane Nguyen just came in to check out a  friend.She may be there tomorrow as he made the FT.

The bubble has burst and both Frankie and Pogos survived all ins to cash. John Phan nearly bust himself trying to bust everyone else at his table.

27)M Eskandari $6220
26) Pogos Simityan

Frankie O’Dell out.His pocket jacks could not beat pocket queens.

25) Frankie O’Dell

Leo Araneta eliminated by chip leader Tyler Patterson.William Chung out.

24) Leo Araneta
23) William Chung

Dinner break.
14) Zachary Clark
13)James Gorham
12) John Phan
11) Gary Margolis
10) Freddy Legaspi

FT @ 1pm Sunday:
1) Tyler Patterson 626k
2) Derek Christensen 512k
3) Mike Woo 338k
4) Bao Dao 245k
5) Ed Liu 226k
6) Andy Koly 219k
7) Paul Chauderson 209k
8) Dan Lu 184k
9) John Conkright 141k


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