Comeback Tuesday: for Commerce, Bolton + wildfires

The return of the smoke was the only greyness, apart from my t shirt, on an otherwise wonderful day. After following Bolton’s comeback win against West Ham, I took my lengthy pilgramage to the Commerce. The Heads Up had attracted a decent but not sell out field at 2pm. My friend Vanna Tea, in every pot so suited to Heads Up, has won three matches after a bye in round 1. John Phan is still alive.

The 5pm bounty with a $100k guarantee has 458 with alternates still jumping in so the room is buzzing. While Men is playing his FT in London , it is business as usual for his wife Van, UT and yesterdays winner Vinny Vinh. My OTHER friend, Sara Chau already has 4 $100 bounties. She looks terrific today.Her roomie Patrick McMillan finished 13th. Joe Bartholdi has his girlfriend playing .

The final number for the bounty was 463 so the prize pool of $87k First place will pay $23500.
1) Chet Soboleske 255k 2) Hoa Quach 237k, 3) Maria Phan 187k,4) John Thomas 136k, 5) Tomer Daniel 6) Jeremy Hamey 108k

Players burning up the Heads Up: Tyler Patterson,Robert Baesch, Sean Riley and Gabriel Habbara..

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