Calling all Euros PotLimit players needed.

Monday at the Commerce. We have a Day2 FT from yesterdays $100 rebuy tournament. First place will pay $35k. Todays $335 NLHE attracted 152 players including Randy Holland, Christina Lindley and Yarum. The 5pm PLHE looks like a two table event including Sam Simon of Simpsons and Jennifer Tilly fame and Joe Bartholdi jr of WPT fame.

It was also PLO day in London at the WSOPE. 22 players finished the day including LA’s master Men Nguyen, Howard Lederer,Dario Alioto  and Chris Bjorin. Canadian Eric Cajelias is the leader.First place is approx $160k .

Results from the rebuy:
1) Brian Brubaker $35k
2) Richard Soong
3) Alex Masek
4) Mike O’Dell
5) Wei Xu
6) Ben Chung
7) Eugene Tito

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