Waiting for a bus, waiting for a Bike

I was told 7pm tournies return at 3pm for Day2 and 3pm tournies at Noon by a floorperson last week. I turn up at 3pm on the dot today for the LHE but was told play doesn’t start until 7pm. When I told him I was told 3pm the reply was “Who told you that?”.It doesn’t really matter they are all idiots who don’t care what they are doing or saying.

I did find out who won the $107k yesterday. How? I asked one of the players! The lucky man was Andy Lambo. A five way money chop was agreed upon with Andy taking a seat in the WPT tournament later in the month.

So I had four hours to kill. I visited a Mexican pastry shop in Bell. Very cheap and filling but I think very fattening also. I had some Chinese cake on Saturday. A few raisins and lots of nuts but easy on the sugar.

Then I saw Marcel Sabag playing a satellite. He went on a crazy rush, winning with undercards, overcards and probably without cards! Such was his rush I kissed the dealer for him. The little Chinese girl didn’t call security but she wasn’t lovestruck either!

My friend TNT was one of 29 remaining in the LHE. Only 18 places paid and TNT started in 22nd place. Brian Shin splinted out on the first hand so that was one step closer for the Whittier resident. Chip leader was Angelo Zapanta, who according to theHendonMob.com database has never cashed before. He is quite young though.

The winner was Roberto Flood for $16k with Dale Burner (or Tom Green) second. Angelo not even at the FT.

Is it me or does Dale Burner look like Tom Green?

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  1. With the cracks starting to show, it is clear that even with the new Event Center, The Bike can’t compete with Commerce. Commerce will be starting their next big series in September and I suspect they will not ever have an event with less than 300 entries, even though The Bike can now hold just as many tournament tables as Commerce. I’ve been trying to spill my guts to my contact in the Tournament Operations Department, but when I see her in the halls she doesn’t have time to talk, and she hasn’t called even though I gave her my phone number. The Bike has done little to shed its reputation as the grinder’s casino and will unlikely attract any top pros as long as it is known as such. There is little ROI if you can’t make the money because your dealer doesn’t know how to count chips and you only see 10 hands in 40 mins.

  2. Steve says:

    Nice work. You should write for me!

  3. Its a beautiful Poker facility but in years past they put up banners and pictures of past legends. I was told they wanted to keep the integrity of the room. They should put the pictures of past Legends and some other frilly things in the hallway leading into the event center.

    It just seems blah to me and is just another Poker Room. Also (SOME) of the staff is disappointed about taking paycuts and other issues and their hearts are just not in it. Also Brandon calls me a Donkey because I let a pro beat me at the Final Table…again… :)

  4. Steve says:

    Annie plays to win.Even if she is playing at home with her children. Thats her nature.

  5. brandon says:

    Scott, calling you a donkey has nothing to do with the fact a pro beat you at the F/T…It is just that you are a DONKEY!!!

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