The star trickle in but no HORSE ride for me

After saying how hopeless I was at predicting field sizes I actually won an under today. The prize? Some $1 rice pudding off the players menu. The forfeit? Riding a winning quaterhorse at Los Al. What scares me is the bend so close to the finish otherwise…The final number was around 80  with some name players. Double or nothing on the PLO high, John?

The event will probably run until 4am this morning.

Allen Kessler’s first day in L.A. was rewarded with a spin on the wheel which netted “Chainsaw” $500.

Dong Xu, from nearby Rosemead, was trying for back to back wins and made the final table but was eliminated in fourth. Two names at the final Eric “Basebaldy” Baldwin and Joe Serock still better than Joe Sebok this summer.

$1k results : 174 entries Winner $54k
1) Patrick Kaischamroon
2) Kris Fields
3) Eric Baldwin
4) Dong Xu
5) Franco Brunetti
6) Scott Barrows
7) Joe Serock
8) Phillip Liuo
9) John Nguyen

Patrick Karschamroon has been playing competitively for four years with no limit hold’em being his favorite game and preferring cash to tournament play.  This is his biggest cash in a tournament so far and Patrick feels that the key to his final table strategy was to be very aggressive and to use his chip lead in order to put as much pressure on the other players as possible.

HORSE results:
1) Mike Lemkin $32k
2) Hank Castillo
3)Robert Como
4) Scott Packer
5) Joe Brandenburg
6) Alan Myerson
7) Bob Lauria
8) Bigfoot $2415

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2 Comments to “The star trickle in but no HORSE ride for me”

  1. john says:

    I am done guessing on attendance. I was so off it was embarrassing. Luckily, I am not a big time gambler and I will cut my loses at the $1 pudding. Not sure what tourney I will be in next (maybe one NL at end of Legends) so look me up and I will pay up according to plan. 125? what the hell was I thinking?

  2. Steve says:

    With the Legends ME only days away it is interesting,to me, that the thread on the event is on page six of 2+2 MTT with the Commerce already on Page 1.

    I will say 290 for the over/under. I take the under.

    mmmmmm Jessica Potter

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