PLO final table line up

Tonight was the latest I have ever been to the Bike. it was very peaceful there and the walk down to Mens charity event was,fortunately, uneventful.

I met a reader who told me how he called a player “An assh#2e” last week and said he would have taken the guy out to the parking lot. “Oh, that was Sheriff Scott Diamond. Not a good life move to take him to a dimly lit corner of the parking lot.” Then one player was made to apologize to me by Anthony Reategui for being rude. Anthony, for his good karma, is the chip leader with eight players remaining. First prize is $17290. Back to back for Joe B and Kris Fields.
Seat 1 James Tilley
Seat 2 Mark Davis
Seat 3 Mickey Mills
Seat 4 Anthony Reategui
Seat 5 Kris Fields
Seat 6 Mr Tea
Seat 7 Kelly
Seat 8 Joe Brandenburg
9th Mike Said khanian $1150

Unfortunately, Karma has a short memory in this case with Anthony going out seventh. The evening super awarded ME seats to  Marcel Sabag, Mike Leah, Mike Nguyen, Bobby Suer,Adam Weinraub, Jose Tavares,Tom Brown,Rudy Carson + Salvatore di Carlo.

PLO Entries 58 $500 buy in.

1) Kris Fields $17290
2) Joe Brandenberg $10k
3) Mickey Mills $5k
4) Thang Le $3k
5) James Tilley $2.4k
6) Mark Davis $2k
7) Anthony Reategui $1500
8) David Kelly $1300

Kris Fields has been playing competitive poker for five years.  He liked many different games but Pot Limit Omaha Eight or Better is his game of choice preferring cash play over tournament action.  His strategy at the final table was simple, be aggressive. He felt that the key moment was the call he made on the 10th hand that would lead to David Kutcher’s elimination and leave Kris in the chip lead, a lead he would not relinquish.

— Matt Snodgrass

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12 Comments to “PLO final table line up”

  1. I’ve been called worse by some who are TRULY tough, this guy would have left a puddle on the asphalt if some of the people I deal with confronted him.

    The truly sad thing about that situation is how the floor guy handle it. I think if there is ever another situation like mine, the floor guy will do the right thing next time.

    See you Saturday Steve, oh did I ever tell you my mother was born in Manchester!

  2. Steve says:

    Mens event was nine tables which is why Brandon didn’t attempt to defend his honour.

    No Jerry Buss for you tonight, Scott?

  3. brandon says:

    Actually, I received a call just before heading to the tourney that I had 4 free tix for Depeche Mode…It was a no brainer

  4. I am not embarrassed to say this I am so broke I cannot even PAY attention.

    I have to get up at 3am in the morning and I am working 16 hours tomorrow. I will be there Saturday after work at 2pm. You can buy me a piece of the Bike’s coconut creme pie :)

  5. Steve says:

    Depeche Mode are no brainers! Men had music (Lou Diamond Phillips singing La Bamba) and a magician.

    Maybe Jay will comp us again or is that only when he feels
    he owes us one. Instead of pokergossip hats I am going to have a hat that says “Voluntary worker, ” !

    i hope players flock into tomorrow as today they cannot even get a super started.

  6. brandon says:

    Steve, and you too, Scott, come by the Commerce and
    I will feed you guys. So long as you don’t mind eating next to the race-book

  7. Todd Zacharias says:

    Yeah Scott Just because you have a badge doesn’t make you tough. Why dont you take your big inflated Ego and admit it you were out of line, or are the floorman, the dealer and the other eight players at the table who thought you were too, ALL BE WRONG.

    And for the record I’ve tried to “take on one bean and got the whole burritto.” I never left a puddle either.”Unless You Mean Blood”,and also never had to call “Officer Needs Assistance”.

    Dont judge a book buy its cover Byyaaatttcchh!!!

  8. brandon says:

    So, do we have a little battle brewing here? My money is on Scott. Maybe we could charge admission, do it in the Bike’s parking lot, and give the winning railbird (Scott or Todd) a free satellite entry. Steve, you with me on this one buddy?

  9. Steve says:

    I don’t want any of my readers to be harmed :D

  10. brandon says:

    baseball, poker, horses, you could add fighting to ur resume

  11. Steve says:

    Prefer Candy Girls and cocktail waitresses to fighting.

  12. brandon says:

    in a pool full of jello

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