Peace restored at the Bike

After a powder keg day yesterday peace was restored at the Bike. Just over 100, including many ladies, entered the LHE tournament. 53 returned from 263 entries in the  $300 NLHE tournie. This included Men the Master who was eliminated in 11th place without any “hate towards the dealer”. He gave out some marriage advice . ” Marry a woman who can cook, not for her looks, as you can always turn the light off.’ His second wife ,Van ,is beautiful but apparently isn’t much use in the kitchen. Men has bought a house in Downey so the children can go to a better school or maybe they disliked menudo for lunch in Bell Garden.

The tournament results are :
1) Hosni Boudargram $30k + seat.
2) Tong Le
3) Adam Weinraub
4) Daniel Auzemme
5) Russell Higa
6) Souren Ohanian
7) Mark Roguel
8) Mark Bryan
9) Ronen Danan $1415


Hoshi Bardargham has been playing for twelve years and has come to prefer no limit hold’em over other games and tournaments over cash games.  His chip count put him in the middle of the field and Hoshi’s strategy coming into the final table was to wait while the players picked each other off.  He said that after his first all-in with his pocket J’s holding up against Jay Fishman’s A-10 that all following decisions were fairly easy with him either calling all-in or pushing all-in with the best hand. men-ronen-danan1

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4 Comments to “Peace restored at the Bike”

  1. Missed you at the Bike tonite Steve. There were 212 runners for the $545.00 event. They only played 8 hrs and bagged chips. There were around 54 players left.

    This is ridiculous!!! Only 8 hours of play and then a day two. I saw some incredible shoves as 11pm got close. One’s players normally do not do. They did not want to come back short stacked.

    There are not enough floormen walking around the tourney. Most of the night there was one guy out there.

    Tonite had to be the loudest tournament I have ever been to. There was a TON of chatter going on.

    There were two food servers most of the evening and they were run ragged.

    OH and the master came up to me tonite and gave me an invitation to join him for dinner with Lou Diamond Phillips next Wednesday at the VFW…

    Brandon probably called him and told him to do that.


  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for the update. I am still waiting for the Limit results. I didn;t think the LHE would make 100, so I pre-arranged a visit to Amoeba records in Hollywood.
    Sorry I missed you.
    HaHa! Jay said I could order food and send the ticket to him. The prices are cheap anyway but it seems everyone goes there to eat so the servers are slammed! I tried to get service b4 the 3pm tournament yesterday but they sent ALL the servers on break together,After 3pm it was impossible.

  3. Ahhhhh HAH! Fuel for my upcoming article. If the players and media don’t say anything it will never change. (quoting a few frustrated players and staffers)

  4. Jay bought me dinner last night a bowl of wonton war soup and water…LOL

    I had an experience last night with the floor that had me outraged and if I get treated like that imagine how others are being treated.

    Not that I am special, but I HAVE NEVER complained to the floor ever. and this floorman knows me.

    A satellite just began and I was the button the dealer was dealing and I was standing up on the phone as the last card hit me I hung up and began to sit down when the player to my left grabbed my cards and tossed them to the dealer. This player is a strange guy and never shuts up. I told him what are you doing and dont touch my cards. he called me an asshole three times and continued to talk crap for the first three hands. The asshole part didnt bother me too much at first but after he went all in on a board of 2-4-4 against my pocket tens raise he said he played J4 because i was an asshole.

    I told him not to talk to me and when he continued I called the floor over to tell this guy to shut up or I am going to call security. The floor told me to shut up and he would throw us both out if I opened my mouth again.

    Needless to say I got hot and talked to jay who got hot at me for telling him how to do his job. I told him i was talking to him as a friend and not how to do his job.

    Kramer was pissed at the floor guy but could not do anything..

    Bad bIke bad..

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