No Winstar like overlays at the Bike

Despite a lack of clear information it was obvious the Bike covered their $50k + $25k guarantees in their $100 buy ins which followed the ME won by Prahlad.

The $50k returned with 112 players at 7pm this evening with ninety finishing in the money. TNT, with his lucky Buddha in place, made a st8 flush v an ace high flush to quickly double his $40k start of Day2 stack. Joint overnight leaders were Daniel Ramzi and Richard Wagner with 149k. Apart from Robert Durant, Sirious B and TNT it was a field of strangers in a field of dreamers.

I must question the logic of bringing 112 players back at 7pm to play all night. Half of these players last played on Thursday so why not return at Noon? Tom Bonello from Vegas lamented having to pay for a Saturday night room when he may only cash $200.

it appears the top three struck a deal . The unofficial sheet shows that 39850 more chips  finished the event than started.

1) Dan Ramirez $14k
2) Thanh Luong $14
3) Xuan Nguyen $10k

also ran: TNT 26th $435

Todays $25k has a first prize of $9550 with 36 players payed.

1) Ross Bernstein
2) Jeff Rosenberger
3) Sorin Achim

also ran: Robert Turner 20th $240.

The final tournie of the series is Sunday afternoon. It is a $100 buy in only open to players who have played in one of the previous tournament at the Legends. The casino adds $25k to the pool. They had 479 entries.The final ten players struck a deal rather than play the late starting tournament out.

1) Jon McNeely $23500
2) Joe Barker $12k
3) Louis Layideta $7k
4) Melbert Tato $3.6k
5) Sang Pham $2.8k
6) Tim Pong $2.1k
7) Jeffrey Clayton $1.8k
8) Hon Le $1.4k
9) Joon Lee $1k
10) Tomer Schaefer $1k

Also ran Julie Le 26th + Marcel Sabag 42nd.

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3 Comments to “No Winstar like overlays at the Bike”

  1. brandon says:

    has the extra chip deal been verified?

  2. Jon is my good friend we are in the Poker Crew together. They did a chop at FT

  3. Steve says:

    This is the strange thing. On the official mailout it said chip variance zero but I received an unofficial one. 38k is quite a variance.Men was in Oklahoma so he cannot be accused!

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