Vanna Tea and TNT on Thursday

My new friend Vanna Tea started the day with over 100k but just crept into the money in the $500 NLHE. TNT , who is an uglier older friend, made the final four which should make up for him being shunned by the Pan grannies. As soon as the final table was established it seemed compulsary for a player to push all in. TNT pushed and won twice before asking for a four way deal.
Daniel Amouyal started the FT with over $1m in chips but after calling Tony’s all ins he had surrendered the chip lead to Kenton Keilholtz who had just been sitting there patiently watching the madness.

Vanna took her $875 straight over to the 3pm PLHE tournament which had only 58 entries with 26 rebuys, 25 by Robert “Chipburner” Turner. Joking. After a 12 hour day Vanna won the tournament worth just over $9k.

.Todays tournament is half Omaha8 half stud8 which would be a great tournament for me to play but I expect a small quality field as the HORSE was. Everyone else will wait for the 6pm at the Commerce with the $50k guarantee.

Saturday should see a return of the crowds with a $300 with rebuys $200k guarantee NLHE.

$500 NLHE
1) Kenton Keiholtz
2)Tho Nguyen
3) Dan Amouyal
4) Tony Nasr TNT

$300 PLHE with rebuy
1) Vanna Tea
2)Estrella Baltazar
3) Roy Tran
4) Andrew Malott
5) Kevin Song
6) Robert Turner


Vanna Tea has been playing home games for the last three years, but it was not until the first part of this year that she began playing in casinos.  She is off to a great start however coming in second to Paul Darden during the Winnin ‘O’ the Green tournament this year.  Vanna wants to improve at all disciplines of poker and really has no favorite game.  She prefers tournaments over cash games.  Her strategy at the final table was to wait for the others to knock each other out.  She has experience in single table satellite games and she used much of that experience at this final table.  When asked what she liked most about the Legends of Poker she said she loved the new Event Center at the Bicycle Casino.

— Matt Snodgrass

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