No “Lazy Sunday” for Bike fans

Lots happening at the Bike on Sunday.

Day 2 of the $300k guarantee concluded. Just over 200 returned from the original massive entry of 1502. Still waiting for results,of course. However I can give you a little bit of info. The final table players: Andy Lambo, Brian Pinkus, Geramy Dickerson,Ryan Lenaghan, Steve Duong, Broadway, Mike Petersen and Kataneh. The  first place was $107k but I suspect the players would be willing to chop before that stage as a five figure payout would be significant to all. Mike Petersen is on leave from duties in Iraq.

The LIPS tournament paid nine places. Pamela and Anjela Brunson drove over from Vegas to play. Anjela was still playing with two tables as was Marsha Waggoner, who does not like to be photographed. She doesn’t have time to comb her hair, the Hall of Fame player is there to win!

A charity tournament was taking place for “Cats + Dogs”. Just a one table tournie but it was a good source of chocolate strawberries. Speaking of which the food is very reasonable at the Bike. A cup of Starbucks from the Legends grill is $1.25 and rice pudding, just a dollar.

The cash games had Yosh Nakino, in golfing gear, hosting a game with Dan Harrington and Vince Van Patten, while Jeff Lisandro had moved his action here from the Commerce.

Lots of interesting happenings over the next few days so keep reading.


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