Men the Master holds FUNdraising dinner.

I am pleased to announce the second Men the Master fundraising dinner/tournament to help the American Legion in Bell Gardens cover its operating expences. The dinner will be held at the Legion on Eastern Ave just a stones throw from the Bicycle Club on Wednesday 19th March. Guests will include Lou Diamond Philips and hopefully a face off between Scott Diamond and Brandon who has been known to call Scott a donkey on these pages.

Men brings along lots of attractive Vietnamese women and the combination of food/poker may tempt Sara Chau out of her Long Beach lovenest.

Dinner will be followed by a little poker tournament where Men has guaranteed $1000 to the winner. The tournament is ultra soft as Brandon made the Final Table at the last one and the only FT he usually makes is when colouring up chips at the Commerce .

I attended the first one and I can say that Men the Master was very generous to the Legion, entering his whole family (including mother in law) buying the lobster dinner and matching the money raised.


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  1. I would Love to play against Brandon and his Daddy ( THE Master) but due to certain circumstances (The Master) I will not be attending..So Brandon is going to have to come to my Charity event February 19th and show his skills :)

  2. brandon says:

    Steve, that was one of the most stacked tourneys of all time. BTW, i dont color up at f/t, that is left for m.s. and sam… And scott, you are a donkey

  3. how much did this tournament cost donkalicious?

  4. Steve says:

    So the great Brandon v Scott grudge match is on? Or does Brandon have to work that day helping Ivory carry her watermelon lollies around the H/L area?

  5. Sorry Steve, no grudge match with Brandon. I will be at the River on Wednesday taking other deputies lunch money from them.

    Brandon(The Boy Master) can enjoy the evening with his dad. :)

    He is in Vegas right now gave me some excuse there was to much traffic to talk on the phone and hung up!

  6. brandon says:

    Scott, you are a whining lil biotch… Hey, if you get barred at the bike what would that mean for ur tourney???

  7. Im not even close to getting Barred, the floor guy was wrong and I don’t want what happened to me to happen to someone else. I never made a scene and for being a whiney lil biatch..only to you cause you deserve it!

  8. Steve says:

    If he was barred at the Bike he could get to see more of you!

  9. brandon says:

    Steve, that is true!!! I will do everything in my power to ensure he never gets barred from the bike. Besides, we barr and send to the bike, not the other way around

  10. WTF would you two do all day with out me to F with….. :)

  11. Steve says:

    When they bar them from the Bike they put them on the free bus to Rincon and tell the drivers to return an hour early!

  12. brandon says:

    Wouldn’t be right to do that, even to the indians… Maybe we could ship him to……………………England

  13. Steve says:

    England just did a head count and noticed I was missing. the Queen is very distressed.

  14. brandon says:

    distressed or undressed?

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