Men Nguyen saves the vets….again.

Walking down Eastern, from the Bike, past the boarded up Fortune Tellers shop,(well nobody has a fortune in Bell) I wondered if the American Legion would suffer the same fate if it wasn’t for an unlikely benefactor; Vietnamese poker player Men Nguyen. How did Men discover this small windowless club? Maybe the Bike ran out of Coronas or maybe all his daughters stayed home one evening so he needed to go out for a cold one.

With nine poker tables  erected security had to have a size restriction enforced so Brandon wasn’t there to defend his title alongside Warren Karp. Who  needs Laker girls when six of Men’s daughter attended including Corona drinking Roxie? Also present poker magazine owner Stan Sludikoff, FT pro David “Dragon” Pham and Lou Diamond Phillips. The latter entertained everyone with a Spanish version of “La Bamba”, posed for photos before sitting next to the Legion Commander in the tournament.

After serving enough food to feed an army (everything from Asian noodles to lobster followed by banana/strawberry cake) the brave sank a shot of snake juice and pulled out a c note to play the tournament.

Men the Master guaranteed a first prize of $2000. Men tried to score card player points for the tournament but Barry Shulman is on a world cruise and son Jeff is well just ” Happy” right now as he tries to locate Paul Philips for some coaching before his final table appearance.

Before the tournament entertainment was provided by a live cover band and a magician performed his magic illusions. A comedian was promised but the joke was on him as he probably saw the crowd of Viets next to the Vets and realised his war jokes probably would spoil the good vibe .

Two bottles of snake juice were auctioned for $200.Some Vietnamese believe the snake juice should be consumed twice a day to aid against lumbago and put some sex in your drive

Men informed me today he raised $11k. Not sure he if he was talking about the dinner or in a hand at the WPT..


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