Important change in the Bike schedule

After a somewhat disappointing turnout for the rebuy tournament the Bike has shown its flexability and changed next Saturday’s rebuy tournament into a no rebuy. The $200k guarantee stays but Friday 14th will be a DAy1. The $500 Eight or better tournament scheduled for Friday will go ahead, as planned, almost certainly played as a one day event.

Todays final table would have caused a cancellation for World Team Poker. Three Vietnamese, two with the same backer, an Arab,an Israeli, a cowboy , a Mexican and a couple of Yankees made for a volatile melting pot. Marcel Sabag, the Israeli, was guilty of causing the most conflict. The Vietnamese speaking in their mother tongue, although understandable, ( I cannot imagine me speaking to Devilfish in French if I was playing in Paris) is against the rules.

Eventually the bad tempered game was won by Sammy Teranie ($68k) was can be volatile but wasn’t too bad today with Marcel second and Bobby Suer third.

Todays NLHE event attracted 338 players including Men Nguyen, Young Phan and their wives, ever present Vanna Tea, Robert Turner, TNT and Para Gill.

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  1. So, I was there on Saturday to play the 2nd chance and write about the re-buy. I took a few pictures of Marcel Sabag and Kwinsee Tran (with their permission) but was stopped and told they didn’t want any pictures take at that event and needed permission to write about it. I was wearing my media badge and they would have taken it from if not for the intercession of a few people. What’s up with that?

  2. Steve says:

    Was Jay there? One day I arrived about 2:30pm and they had cleared the room as they were putting out chips for the 3pm. The security wouldn’t let me in and I missed my winners photo (a common theme) So I complained to Kelley in media relations and she said the security were probably just told to “not let anyone in” rather than “don’t let anyone in unless they have a media paas.’

    I think a floorperson probably saw you taking photos and didn’t think you had a media pass. It isn’t because you came on here criticizing the Bike otherwise i would not be welcome there.

    Jay is sorting his staff out a little at a time.

  3. john says:

    I talked to Robert who is one of the floor people. He seems to want to listen to any concerns or complaints. I basically told him it was being run better when the usual guys (Kramer and all) were doing it. One complaint was updates on winners werent being done in a timely fashion and those that were, had only the final table results. Steve, 30 of us are left in the LHE event starting at noon today. Your TNT buddy is a real beaut.

  4. I spoke with kelley today Lizette about not being able to get into the event center with media pass. She will take care of it. Also apparently the guy at Poker Pages who posts the results has been on vacation and this is why there not getting posted.

    I will be there today taking pictures and some video if you see a bald guy getting thrown out it’s me….

    I think jay and his staff are doing fine they just need some motivation as they all are still disappointed about their new job descriptions and what is in store for them after legends

  5. Steve says:

    I would love to see the overnights but that is hoping for too much. Jay is doing fine but he cannot do everything. If it is to compete with the Commerce they probably have to bring a big name in with a team of his own. Having said that the Legends is the biggest tournament of the year there so they can wait a year!

  6. Steve says:

    I like Jay and will call him TD Jay if it makes him feel better. Technically, I think the structures may need some tweaking as 53 returned for Day2 of the NLHE tournament which is taking players from his next days tournie. Noon is too early for LA with all the traffic etc.

  7. Noon is not to early…we all thought that when Matt made the LAPC events at 1pm …people came…The structures appear to be good Steve, I mean there is alot of play and its a good sign 53 came back from day one.. Maybe the Bike should of started these events at 2pm? see you tonight

  8. Steve says:

    At the Commerce many players only had to take the elevator down to the tournie (albeit a very slow elevator). Here everyone has to commute. How many people don’t have anything to do apart from poker? Even i need to run some errands.

    Anyway you won’t have to worry about returning for a Day2 if Brandon is correct :)

  9. Actually a floorwoman went to stop me (it was during the 2nd break of the 2nd chance…so about 11pm) and I was wearing my Media badge so she said sorry. Then a floorman and good friend (who’s name is omitted to protect the inocent) came to tell me that they didn’t want anybody taking pictures and someone wanted to know how I even got a media pass to begin with. I explained how, and my friend went to town for me, but he returned to tell me put it away and lay low or I’d be asked to leave.

  10. I don’t know Jay and I’ve only seen him twice at the Bike, but I know that the staff that has been working there for the years prior are well known and liked. It’s all the new, young and inexperienced dealers that have everyone on tilt. I swear the floor is called for every other hand. These inexperienced dealers need to be relegated to under $100 games or blackjack or something else. Too much is invested at the higher limit ring games and higher buy-in tourneys for this type of fumbling. It stresses out the players and we can’t focus or play our best game when we have to keep waking away from the table to calm down or to avoid bad dealers. It especially doesn’t work if the bad dealers are back-to-back. Every time the floor is called, I hear, “I’ll speak to her/him at the next break and explain it.” If they don’t know poker, they shouldn’t be dealing at a “Signature” poker series.

  11. I spoke to Kelley again yesterday about the media thing. It must of worked because last night I was told twice to leave the floor area and I showed my media pass and the security and some new floor guy were very nice about it and let me stay.

    I also saw some of the Commerce guys checking out the Bike last night and spoke with them for awhile.

    Sorry I missed you both last night. I will be back saturday after work, I think I am going to play saturday…still mulling it over. Check out a small video on my face book page fallenheroesla

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