Hoping for more changes at the Bike before WPT

After throwing a Celeb/Media tournament dinner to let the world, or L.A., know that the new events room is open and a major tournament has started the Bike has hit a few banana skins. As I write nobody (Cardplayer,Pokerpages, HendonMob) has any results as nobody can be bothered to send them out. This is important information as players need to see the prize pool and who is winning these tournaments.

The Bike has a new TD who stayed until Event #3 concluded at 6am and returned at 10am to set up for todays , sell out Day1a tournament. Obviously, he needs some help from the rest of the staff and word is they may not be co operating. I have six months experience of these people and they didn’t work with the last TD either. Crudely put they are overfed lazy fuckers.

So after a frustrating unnecessary journey to the Bike today I ventured over to the commerce with TNT and Raymond Davis. Young Sam is in charge and he has the use of the upstairs ballroom. The slow elevators have been replaced and a new race book has been opened just in time for Del Mar.

On Fridays,at 6pm, the Commerce has a $50k guarantee $210 buy in which includes a food coupon. Ivory, the perfect little candy girl, is still there but Marionette has galloped off to Hollywood Park.

Jeff Lisandro, Hasan Habib and Billy Baxter were playing in the cash games at Commerce this afternoon.

If you need results from the Bike you could try calling the Welcome Center although they may only give you the winners name.

I have a couple obtained from there earlier.

Media Event freeroll winner: Annie Duke

First open tournament: 802 entries @ $300

1) Jeff Clayton, 2) Ed Taggart 3) F Ornelas

Second open tournament 122 entries :
1) Garrett Lenrini 2) Abraham Barbarian 3) Josh Lachman 4) James Kim.

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4 Comments to “Hoping for more changes at the Bike before WPT”

  1. OMG Steve – you have NO IDEA! They still need to work on their level structure, the dealers don’t know if they are supposed to keep the yellow receipts or give them back as food tickets (apparently – unadvertised and unbeknownst to anyone, there is a tournament menu and the yellow carbon copy can be used as a meal ticket).

  2. Steve says:

    I would think that over 200 returning for Day 2 was too high. As with most tournaments the difference between first prize of $107k and ninth (approx) $3k was too much . i do like the TD Jay though but MAYBE he could have hired someone like Warren Karp who has decades of experience as Asst.

    Maybe he didn’t have time to hire a new crew.

    I didn’t see Joan Jett the dealer today maybe she will be working in Ross across the road.

  3. john says:

    I just played the Limit HE tourney on Sunday (nice to see ya again) and here are my complaints; 1) I was told to hold yellow receipt but not told why. Glad I found out by the meny with no prices that the yellow receipt was a food voucher. 2) twice no one had the dealers color up the chips. After the 10 minute break, more wasted time when it should have been done during the break (give us 15 minute breaks when coloring up). 3) New bathrooms in the hall but why smaller than the ones near the cash tables/midnight tournies? At least make the men’s much bigger than the womens since it is at least 90% to 10% men/women ratio. Positive remarks is that it looks nice and enough tvs for tournaments. BTW: 37th place out of 147.

  4. Steve says:

    Great! I want as much feedback from as many as possible as I know that management will be shown the comments.

    Not trying to close the place down but the least they (the staff) can make an effort as a job is a wonderful thing to have in 2009.

    Better luck in the HORSE tomorrow if you decide to play.

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