Good FT at the Bike

The HORSE tournament was only a $300 buy in but the FT was worthy of a higher buy in event. Barbara Enright, Paul Darden, Frankie O’Dell,Robert Cramer, Charlie Ng and trying to go back to back Roberto Flood. The tournament attracted 155 players and first prize was $16k. Barbara Enright can be painfully shy with everyone apart from her beau Max Shapiro who she rules the roost over.

Roberto Flood was the first of the eight to be eliminated. A deal was struck as I was photographing the World Poker Team launch party.  Barbara Enright allowed me to take her photo today, after I told her her hair looked fine. A rare collecters item.

In todays $500 buy in a good field with Israeli Marcal Sabag leading the way for the men and Vanna Tea for the ladies. I am sure I am something of a lucky omen for the soccer mad Israeli as he never loses a hand when I watch him
1) frankie O’Dell 2) Charlie Ng 3) Barbara Enright 4) Nick Bognar 5) Chris Anderson 6) Paul Darden 7) Robert Cramer.

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