Gallery from Jerry Buss Frank Mariani charity tournie

I have a report coming over the weekend on both this and Men the Masters wonderful charity event. Like buses in the daytime London streets events are running back to back with another event tomorrow.They are not luring in the big name pros though.

1) Xuan Nguyen $27k
2) Jay Moriarty $14k
3) David Spitler $8k
4) Jon Hair $6k

5 Comments to “Gallery from Jerry Buss Frank Mariani charity tournie”

  1. Frank Mariani – is it me, or is Frank caught in that pose in every picture taken of him.

  2. brandon says:

    No, it is not you…

  3. brandon says:

    BTW, I’ll lay two-to-one the bike doesnt match apt’s main in macau

  4. Steve says:

    Would Commerce security like a copy of the Three Stooges ?

  5. brandon says:

    absolutely you nutty brit

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