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  1. john says:

    try to get us updates on who makes day 2 and such. No where do I see this and pokerpages guy is on vacation even if Jay and Co. sent out the Chip count list for day 2s. Interested in Omaha going on now but nothing.

  2. has been catching the updates but they are a little behind also, I cannot belive pokerpages is not updating even if the guy is on vacation. The owners should know better and Bob probably isn’t even aware that there have been NO updates to the site recently.

  3. Steve says:

    The Omaha finished yesterday. I added the result to yesterdays blog “Del Mar…”

  4. Steve says:

    I am trying very hard to. First off if 50 players are returning at Noon I can assume they will be playing until 7pm so I can take advantage of the plentiful lunch specials in my area! If only nine return I have to be there by 1pm in case the final four strike a deal. If i know there isn’t a final table then I can stay in God’s country rather than go through East LA, Commerce and Bell! Finally, I like to know if any of my friends are still in. They have the sheets in the welcome center so it is just a matter of them emailing me a copy in the AM.

  5. Todd Zacharias says:

    First of all I would like to appologize to Scott Diamond for calling him an asshole, in a recent satelite that He and myself played in. I did not mean that he is always an asshole, actually he is normally quite pleasant, he was only one at that moment, when the dealer ask me to hand him Scotts cards so he could muckthem , while all nine other Players were waiting for Scott to finish Blabbing on his cell phone while the action was on him. Also I am of the Old School of Poker Where Men Are Men and If You dont Like it that way. We can take it outside one on one and duel to the death, fastest draw wins. I feel Scott Insulted me and so did the other Eight Players at the table. So I called it like I saw it, after my jack 4 off suit took most of Scotts chips with a large Pre flop Raise from his ACE KING. Scott I would never muck someones cards on my own to piss some one off, But I would call a 5x big blind raise with jack 4 off suit just to see the amazement on my opponents face when his ace king gets beat.

    Sincerely the Poker Prophet
    Todd Zacharias

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