Another week another lost over/under prediction.

I will never take actual bets on the over/under,except with John at the Bellagio who is forever the optimist. I was thinking six tables for todays $1k NLHE at the Bike. After all Eric “Basebaldy” Baldwin is the only name in town and L.A. players don’t show for anything above $300 usually. Even Men and his entourage missed this one. With only 38 signed up 20 minutes prior to the tournament my prediction looked home and hosed. Somehow, the number ended at somewhere near 160. A few mutterings about the structures which today started at 100-200 for forty minutes then 200- 400 followed by 300-600 with a 100 ante. Yikes.

Todays final table saw a four way deal. The official result is below although Raul was eliminated before the tournament concluded making a winners photo difficult!

Tomorrow is $1k HORSE day. If the number tops 100 I will ride a quarterhorse to victory at Los Al in the near future!

1) Raul Rosales $35k
2) A Zeidenfeld
3) Dung Le
4) Calvin Ma
5) Gerald Limber
6) Mike Heshmati
7) Ken Smith (LV)
8) Agustin Loya
9) Adam Weinberg

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3 Comments to “Another week another lost over/under prediction.”

  1. john says:

    I will take that bet! LAPC saw 215 for their $1k HORSE and I am expected to play with the big boys/girls (I hope I am getting closer to be included in their fraternity) so with just 99 more to sign up, that quarterhorse is in trouble. I am going to say at least 125 and possibly 140 with the bigger name players starting to filter in for the cash money tables and super satellites. You just dont see $1k and higher for HORSE very often so those that love it, will be here. Now if I can only get Barbara to sit next to me!

  2. Raul Rosales says:

    Sorry bout that u where busy and i was hungry to get lunch…Let me know if u still want one


  3. Steve says:

    I will be there even for the player appreciation event next weekend. Congrats on the win, Raul.

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