What to do: LV or LA

If you are in Vegas this weekend you might want to stay indoors due to “extreme heat”. Today would be a great day to watch the WPT Bellagio Cup in the Fontana lounge. With only four tables in play there will be lots of room for railbirds. You may even sip a cocktail while you watch.

Our hope is SoCal playboy Alec Torelli, which probably means he cannot win.
1 Faraz Jaka 3.3m
2 Justin Smith 2.6m
3 Alec Torelli  1.9m
4 Erik Seidel 1.8m
5 Chris Sonesson 1.8m
6 Alex Gomes 1.7m
7 Ray Taylor 1m
8 Mimi Tran 690k
9 Sam Stein 666k
10 Pavel Reshetov 507k

Tomorrow they play from ten to six players leaving you free in the evening. Lots of musical possibilities with the B52’s playing outside on the Pure balcony. Jefferson Starship are the attraction downtown on Fremont St, it’s free. Station casinos have the beautiful Jewel booked at Aliante and Britpop vets Tears for Fears at GVR.

If you are in L.A. the weather is twenty degrees cooler so an evening at Hollywood Park would be enjoyable, just be careful in the area afterwards! The Commerce is opening a sportsbook which could help the Hollywood Park handle. The tournament action is at the Bike. Yesterdays HORSE was won by my reader John Claycomb with another reader Nik Gera in third. I thought Nik would have made a name for himself at the WSOP as he is one of the best tournament players in L.A. John is a Limit/mixed game player but he also has a job, almost a rarity these days even in L.A.

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  1. john says:

    thanks for the pub and Nik did fairly well for himself until they stopped beer sales at 2:00 AM and his chip stack went downhill from there. Had too many chips to lose it completely and we chopped 3 ways. We had a great time as Nik is a total card and fun to play with. Not only do I have a job (that is barely making money as it is Real Estate related), but I pay for my own $300 buy ins! Amazing how many good players run out of dough for buy ins. Steve, got a beer in your name once you get your tan (or burnt) ass back to LA!

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