Sunday’s not a day of rest

It’s late. So let the photos do the talking. Summary: Chino Rheem bust out of the ME then came to Bellagio and bust out of the $2k tournament there. Jennifer Tilly and Rene Angelil also busting out (one more than the other) at Bellagio.

Denny Robinson won todays event at the Bellagio ($63k)with Carl Henriksson second and Harry Bienenstock third.

Heard the drive back to L.A. was a long one today.

Michele Lawson plays, husband Ted on the rail today. Michele busts level 4. Lot’s of ladies choose to play today.Liv Boeree,Erica Schoenberg + Lacey Jones will not be returning to the ME.

Congrats to Padraig + Veronique who tied the knot today. Nice catch , Padraig. The celebration was at the Bellagio and brought out the majority of British players. Exclusive photo in the gallery.

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