Search for the last woman standing starts here

If I was a player agent, which seems to consist of booking massages for Dan Shak and bringing coffee for Clonie + Shannon, I would be keeping a very close watch on the remaining female players today and tomorrow. The Lacey/Tiffany/Maria house must have been vacated with the latter two not playing the ME and Lacey falling at the first fence so to speak.Maybe they are making way for their friend Christina Lindley.

That Maria Ho does not play the main event is a story in itself. She loves the attention which she will not get at the Bike, at least, not until the ME. Maybe she is tagging along with Tiffany on some “Survivor” type programme. I don’t have the answer and her facebook has gone awfully quiet.

Jennifer Tilly bust out today and entered the Bellagio tournie as did Alan Smurfit. Laurie Hilton would be an interesting story. Ex college soccer star, financially independent but as she already has a sponsorship deal not really interesting to the agents. Kara Scott doesn’t seemed to be logoed up.Already well known from her strong ME last year she is beautiful and articulate. Van Nguyen does not seem to be signed by anyone. A lovely women if you are able to deal with her husband Men she could be the one. Pam Brunson , daughter of Doyle has once again outlasted both her father and brother Todd in the ME.

Other possibles include wealthy Heather Mercier, very beautiful and Melanie Banfield from South Africa who has been here for the duration and has a cash to her name. Lauren Kling a lively post grad would be certain of lots of attention.

Who do you like?

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