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The Bellagio has been ticking over nicely with todays winner picking up an , almost, unreported $233k. That winner will not be too well known beforehand. Choose from Uri Kadosh, Broc Segura, Mike Glasser, Ryan Hughes, Tom Bicon, Eric Larcheveque or Jovan Sudar.Eric Froelich leads the way in the $5k that started today.

The strip is busy with all the fight fans which is maybe why I was so polite today, these people love to see blood. Despite this more bad news for the LV boulevard. The Lamborgini showroom at the Palazzo has closed. Maybe because Dario is out of the ME. Also closed is “Lord of the Dance” at Planet Hollywood.’However, the weekends are still strong with MGM’s midweek $49 rooms shooting up to $329 next weekend which is on a par with NYE. Mandalay Bay has just emailed me a special which includes unlimited buffets. I will pass it on to Joe Cappello and his eating companion Big Tom D.

Maria Ho can take out my trash and Tiffany Michelle can clean my toilet bowl as today we have a new love (at first sight). She is Paulo Martin who claims to live in Beverly Hills but I have seen her in the Pico Rivera Fresh & Easy checking out the markdowns before going across the street to the Goodwill store.

If she is unavailable then Kera Scott, who is looking at another huge WSOP payday, would be a nice substitute. I can never figure out if she is English living in Canada or the other way around. Catherine Hearn looks like , her father, Barry a famous snooker, boxing + poker promoter in England.

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