November zero: Bellagio goes over…

With the elimination of Blair Rodman my November nine picks are all eliminated. Originally, I picked Laughlin rounder Tommy Vedes but an email from Craig Crivellos wife prompted me to drop him for Craig. i am now only interested in James Akenhead but my interest is minimal.

Over to the Bellagio, I predicted under 225 but the final number was 268. Only the luckiest 27 will be paid in a very tough tournament that should produce a good final table. The players I will be cheering on:
1) Alec Torelli 308k
72) Stan Fulton 82k
74) Zach Hyman 81k
84) Ralph Perry 77k
125) Heather Mercer 56k
177) Praz Bansi 36k
182) Eric Baldwin 34k

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