My wish to be in the November nine

This is a longshot (like 1oo,ooo-1 parlay) but these are the players left, at the end of Day4 ,that I would like to see go on to fame and millionaire status.
1) Julien Brecard . Julien worked as a photograher for Everest last year. He has a lot of energy and managed to play hard as well as work hard. This year he was working for WinMax. However, Julien has 2.1m in chips so has a real chance of returning in November. Julien lives in Paris, France.

2) Marty Zabib. Marty is a floorperson at the Bellagio. If you play the nightly tournament there you will recognise him. Marty is a super nice guy and his wife Anna also plays. Marty has 900k and all the Bellagio staff following his progress.

3) Blair Rodman. Maybe a little too old to be thought of as an internet player. However, his book “Kill Phil” is one of the best books available, from Huntindon Press, for online players. Blair has done it all from blackjack to poker to blackjack and a successful return to poker at the WSOP09. Blair has 890k.

4) Karl Mahrenholz. Karl is ,like James Aikenhead, a former member of Neil Channing’s stable. His trip to Vegas was pretty much paid for when he won $50k at a Venetian deepstack tournie. Nice guy, always looks in need of a good nights sleep, Karl has 760k.

5) Jeff Duval. Another English player. Used to live in Vegas where he would grind a living in the Bellagio cash games. Jeff has 720k.

6)Scott Bohlman. We share friends with the Neverwin boys. That means Scott likes his poker with attitude and humour with a middle finger raised to posh Seth Palansky who hates us. Scott has 485k.

7) Fabrice Soulier. Another Frenchman with media connections. Fabrice owns a site called “Made in Poker” which his girlfriend is the reporter for. He should be sponsored by Mach3 as he can grow a 24hr beard in an afternoon. Fabrice has 1.4m

8) Frank Rusnak. Frank is from Chicago but moved to Vegas to play poker around 15 months ago. This will be his fifth cash of the WSOP09. Hard to spot at a table, hence the lack of a recent photo. Frank is short with 278k.

9) Craig Crivello. Craig plays full time, on the circuit, yet is virtually ignored in the media. He had a good week in April, winning one at Caesars and FT another. Then he crossed the Blvd to cash at the Venetian. His Asian wife Connie also plays .Has been known to wear a pokergossip hat.

The last woman standing is a match between Nichoel who works at the Bike and dates Tad Jurgens and Leo Margets who reminded me of the Seinfeld episode when George wore a puffa jacket .

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  1. john says:

    good selection on Craig Crivello. Played with him at the final table of LH LAPC this last January and you mentioned his asian wife but didnt say that she is hot. Steve, you need more pictures of her and not of Craig. She can be your railbird of the day. See ya back at the Bike whenever that will be. You are missing your horse racing!

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