Hello I love you, I already know your name!

Only long term readers will remember Vancouver/Newport Beach femme Lynette Chan or Swedens perfect Ceci Nordenstam.Well they both played today ending a long exile from the Vegas poker scene. Just to balance it out I have photos of Carco Cittrone, the most tanned man in Britain (joint tie with Hull manager Phil Brown) and ex soccer star Teddy Sheringham.Torrie Wilson is the blonde in the pokerstars kit.

Dario Minieri wasn’t in his pokerstars kit for long out in Level 1. I wore my Roma jersey for him .Flaminio Malaguti was running down the corridor with $10k in cash as the players went on break.I think the tournament had sold out by then.However, he may have had a winning last longer bet with Dario. In more Italian news, Max Pescatori told me on the first break that he lost set against set with his first hand and was down to 6k. He then pushed all in and doubled uplater in the first level. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dario didn’t back the Reds and the under in Mondays baseball.

Oliver Tse informed me he may be leaving the player management business at the end of the series.I would certainly like to stick a USB port into his brain and store some of his facts.He will change his mind if his client Laurie Hilton wins the ME.Laurie used to play soccer for a successful UConn team .She looks better now than in her UConn photos.

First prize this year? Around $8.5m before taxes.

ESPN feature tomorrow? How about Jason Alexander seated next to Greg Raymer?

Joanne Monteavaro certainly looks a little fuller up top than in her database photo!

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