Game on: the survivors.

Although some of my friends have been eliminated I still have people I hope will make the November nine. The Last Woman which Kara Scott has been a frontrunner for has a new leader in Nichoel Peppe of L.A. with the lovely Thuyen Doan also in contention.

James Akenhead 1.57m
Chris Bjorn 546k
Scott Bohlman 815k
Craig Crivello 225k
Jeff Duval 401k
Stan Jablonski 782k
David Levi 180k
Karl Mahrenholz 710k
Frank Rusnak 278k
Tom Schneider 797k
Fabrice Soulier 400k
Marty Zabib 174k

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  1. Connie says:

    Always nice to see you! Thanks for rooting for Craig too! :)

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