B list Celebs pretty scarce but Bike receives an A.

Today was the grand opening of the Events Center at the Bike. This is my first Legends so I never visited the old room . This room is well lit plus has a “patio” window so has natural lighting.

Today was also the unveiling of the Legends TD Jay Siegal who some of you will know from Hollywood Park. I like Jay , even more after he tipped me to be his successor. HaHa. I really would be the worst TD in the history of poker even if my bankroll could use the “SavageSalary” for a month.

The media/celeb freeroll was a bit lacking in both celebs and poker media but still around 180 talked their way in. My table draw was terrific with L.A Examiner writer Lizzette Acoba and Playmate Jade Nicole sat opposite my #3 seat. In seat number 1 was Jamie Gold who was coaching Jade as part of an arrangement with “All In” magasine. Other poker pros to play : Men + Van Nguyen and Joe Reitman/Annie Duke.

Jamie was long gone, from the tournie, when Annie Duke sat in seat 4. I broke the ice by asking her if she was a “Vegetarian like her brother Howard.” Like a perfect talk show guest she then lectured me for ten minutes about nutrition and the evils of drinks with corn syrup. Jamie was fine but I like Annie + Joe more.

I survived my first All In when my Ad10d beat pocket tens and pocket queens when I rivered a st8. We were down to two tables when the blinds and antes caught up with my “Action Dan” style. Still playing Annie Duke, Christina Lindley and everyones favourite poker playing cop Scott Diamond. By then the free food had been removed from play but I did take home a “Bike swag bag” which included a logo flash drive.

The entrance was packed with players as I left waiting to play the 7pm tournament which had a $100k guarantee. Sara Chau, Roberts Turner + Durant, Jimmy Tran and Raymond Davis were the most recognisable entries into what could be a sell out tournie. It would have definately been a sell out without the Event Center space anyway.

A big thank you to Marketing Director Kelley O’Hara who has been inviting me to return to L.A. for the event.

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  1. As always thank you and it was great to see your smiling face

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