Sell out

Todays $1500 has sold out. All 2780 seats have gone. With 91 $50k HORSE players and 64 shootout players returning this is going to be a busy day. John Kabbaj will be asked to break from the HORSE event to receive a more traditional anthem. I have two camera batteries today so check back later…

The HORSE did not resume until late this afternoon (4 or 5pm) so apparently they played the British National anthem but John Kabbaj wasn’t present. Very weird.

The $1500 looks like a donkament. I rarely encountered anyone I could recognise even from $100 Bike tournies. Good luck to Maya Antonius and Bryan Micon especially. Micon probably needs the money more…

The Everest Poker lounge is almost ready. They have taken the space where Betfair was last year to the left of the entrance to the lifestyle show.

Flaminio Malaguti, bff of last weeks shock fourth place in the Omaha8 Fabio Coppello, is one elimination away from making a final table himself in the $1500 shootout. I told him if he makes it I am booking myself into a “home for people with stress disorder.’

Pretty much every time I spotted a hot girl I would walk over to the table she would push all in and lose. Maybe they had tickets for the Pussycay Dolls at the Palms tonight.

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