Running away from old age

I had a profitable evening away from all the predicted hallways of strollers and motorised wheelchairs. Not everyone is like that though. Bruce Buffer still looks in good shape and Shirley Rosario is probably pleased to be here today but she looks great.
They will leave their motors running, on the wheelchairs, with the payouts as flat as Maria Ho. 100 = $2400 : 270 $1921.

The other tournaments were all over the place in any spare nook or cranny (or granny). I would like to see Alex Jacob take down the $1500 as he pisses off all the rednecks with his crazy hair and wearing flipflops. Hey he attends Yale so poker has not led him down the wrong path.

I like Dario Alioti in the mixed. I used to socialise with him quite a bit and the Italian prefers these games to NLHE.

Still some great room offers flooding my email box. The latest from Palazzo. $129 includes $25 in slot play, the NY slot is an ATM, $50 credit for one of their restaurants and $50 off show tickets. MGM have $49 rooms this week which includes $25 off Ka or Folie Bergere. The weekends are still strong for the casinos although it is common for groups of six to use just one room.

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5 Comments to “Running away from old age”

  1. I was going to Play the Senior’s event but I have a Doctors appointment that I could not reschedule. My wife on the rail would have turned heads even at her age.

    I will be in town on the 28th and 29th, look me up so i can introduce you to the family..

  2. Steve says:

    I was going to play the seniors but I don’t want anyone to know how old I am!

  3. brandon says:

    come on fellas, we all know your old buzzrdss…Steve, thats a brutal one liner about Maria ho and being flat…she’s gonna kick your a$$ when she sees that one

  4. Steve says:

    She lives in L.A., she won $255k, no excuses!!!

  5. brandon says:

    True, so very f’n true.

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