News overload

What a strange day. I wake up to the , to be expected, news of Farrah’s death. Her last years must have been so painful. RIP. Soon after entering the Amazon I was talking with Raymond Davis and he received a text saying “Michael Jackson’s dead.” With a series of sold out shows in England this was a shock. Fremont St played a Michael Jackson song tonight and Harry O’s bbq which is, close to the poker action, located next to the Sand Dollar lounge on Polaris, is holding a white glove vigil tomorrow.

Yet the show goes on and what an interesting day with Fabio Coppello, who is a friend but no poker player, is deep into the final table of the $2500 omaha8 along with Scott Bohlman who is a poker player. Then over on “centre court” we have Kabbaj and Basebaldy playing out a long one for the big $$$. Looks like congrats to Kabbaj the third British winner of the WSOP09.

Julian Gardner, probably my only poker hero, is playing low today in the $1500 PLO. He was sat next to another friend Marina Barocco who is a late arrival to the series this year.

One of the few poker bloggers I read is Padraig Parkinson a really funny guy even when sober.

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