Mixed fortunes at the WSOP

Strange they didn’t get all the seniors started on a Sunday. Thats not what WickedChops or myself need for a Monday morning perk, the thought of all those strollers parked in our way. We don’t really like the women who rail senior events unless they are railing Jerry Buss. Maybe if they bring the Sapphire pool indoors due to extreme temperatures.

Today seemed awfully quiet. The $1500 stayed in Brasilia leaving the $10k PLO and $5k shootout and and awful lot of space in the Amazon. The shootout entries dropped from 360, last year, to 280. The 5pm $2500 mixed attracted a better than expected 412 though. Maybe everyone was watching the soccer.

It would have been nice for Simon Trumper to have made the money in the PLO. He came over specially for this event. Watching Padraig Parkinson at Billy the Crocs table I thought maybe he could wear a Shergars head hat to attract the photographers.Stefan Mattsson leads the crawl towards the money.

Shawn Glines has a following online and is going strong in the $1500. From another generation former ladies champ Mary Jones could make her first open event finl table at a WSOP. Audley Harrison, a lovely geezer, made his first cash in the event which pleased me. He was following up a fourth place at the Bike last week which the boxer says he should have won.This is one tough motherf***er for a $1500. No need to look for railbirds when local lady Jerilyn Totani is in the game.

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