Late Night round up

I had a fun day. The Liv Boeree weigh in for her boxing match( which seems to be pretty lame publicity stunt although it probably drew more poker media this afternoon than an 11am Jeffrey Pollack state of the nation broadcast.)

Then I caught Devilfish trying to arrange a menage with two Sapphire girls. The curse of the hallway ruined a good photo op.

I liked John Kabbaj reading the “Daily Mail” as if he was in a $5 sit n go and not a $10k WSOP tournament.

The British players , with the exception of Devilfish, are not too talkative at the tables but I had a little chinwag with Barny Boatman. He felt that the coverage of him on pokernews was misleading. He arrived back from the food tent, which I have not set foot in this year, to find that play had resumed in the shootout. He arrived at his seat asap and the pnews reporter reported he was out of breath and then caused a dispute over where the button was. Barny disputes the “out of breath”  and says the dealers changed during the break and the button was in the wrong place.

Most of us WSOP veterans agree that less is more when it comes to reporting the WSOP. I had a conversation with Pokerati CEO Dan M last week saying the only disadvantage of working from home is if a player falls ill (like Eskimo did) and you are not there to cover it. Today, it happened with Miami John. I was actually in the Rio and Dan rushed by me in the hallway on his way to Brazilia but didn’t share the scoop about John collasping during the Razz. Good thing really as his photos of the fallen player have come in for more criticism than praise. I remember when the food tent collasped in a storm and we went out to photograph that and later the WSOP officials denied it happened but we had the photos thanks to the fact that two of us had cameras and they only had one security guard present.

Kathy Liebert asked me for some poker gossip. I told her about Layne Flack’s poker playing room mate disappearing, Maria Ho’s boyfriend name and that I had an intern who hasn’t submitted anything at all except for a desire to play the media event.She said I passed the test and was worthy of the name!

It is a bad call to make the Seniors play until 3am when playing for a first prize of over $400k. The Bellagio sends them off to the buffet at 8pm which seems past most of the players bedtime. Another day another dollar is the motto here.

Not sweating any players tonight. Sleep well.

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