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Jimmy Somerfield informed me the other day that he was in charge of the WSOP day shift yet nobody gave him a shoutout. I remember Jimmy running the 4Queens while playing a tournament online! Today though he made the media job impossible on Day2 of the $1500. Every morning I am sent, by the interns, an end of day chip count for every tournament. Very few spelling mistakes or errors, a great job by the graveyard interns who I have not seen this year.

Today was Day2 of a $1500 donkfest.This really was one with only a handful of names (Men Nguyen, JPOSU,Amnon Filippi and Owen Crowe) amonst the 300+ survivors. The sheets had the players seated at tables 160 to 197 however these tables numbers were not used. I asked Jimmy ” Hey where is 186 as I am looking for an English player.” “It’s over there. No wait a minute…. there…um I don’t know.’ Two more floorpersons came over and none of them knew where table 186 was.

So sorry no photo of Englishman Chris Saleh. All I could do was use a landmark player (those above) and photograph around them. Kudos to Joe Reitman who I accidently called “UglyJoe” his twitter name who didn’t reply with “So how long have you been married to Shannon Elizabeth?”(I know Joe is with Annie Duke now fwiw.)

The t shirt of the day ” I love barely legal MILFs” was worn by Denver’s Josh Schlein who is having a rather good day (at the tables not with the MILF’s.)

Congrats to Everest poker. The lounge opened today and two of their qualifiers,Viktoria + Thibau are in the final 27 of the donkfest.

Tomorrow’s donkfest is already sold out.

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