In the high corner

After spending yesterday in the Brasilia with the $1k players, I thought I would check out the $10k stud. It is almost like a different world where the two rarely meet. If Maria Ho was writing my blog it may go something like this:

” started the day with a walk down the corridor with the boss from Full Tilt. He told me to use the hospitality suite whenever. After a quick high fives with Eric Mizrachi who was still in the $1k, I was about to enter the Amazon when I bumped into Basebaldy Eric Baldwin. While exchanging updates who should come along but Maya Antonius who I have known forever. Hug hug hug. Money hasn’t changed Maya. She was playing in the $1.5k. Tip money for the nanny.”

Since i don’t namedrop i will just say that Mike Appel had the railbird of the day behind him when I took the photo of him.As for Maria , she is filling in for Lacey who has gone to the Meadows in Arizona after the WSOP party:)

The cream has risen to the top in the $1k tournie ,apart from the Chau cream who has driven to table tomorrow 1) 1) 1)Dan Heimiller2)Steve Sung 3)Peter Vilandos4)James Matz 5) jeff Oakes 6)Larry Sidebotham 7)Phong Huynh8)Nate mullen 9)Danny Fuhs.

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