Hottest day of the year

No sooner had I congratulated the graveyard interns that they must have patted themselves on the back and retired to McFaddens as for the first time I didn’t have any emails showing the end of day chip counts or seating arrangements.

The sell out $1500 play was a bit tighter today causing major problems regarding the start of the stud8 and minor problems for the restart of the previous $1500 and HORSE.The $1500 is still 300 off the money with one level to play.(Normally they are within fifty of the money at the end of Day1)

I did witness a players agent trying to enter a player in the $1500 at 2pm but pleased to report the offer was refused. I say that as so many lesser known players would have driven overnight from SoCal , Arizona or maybe Utah to find the tournament a sellout. With this being a Monday- Wednesday tournie I didn’t expect it to sell out so fast.

I did visit the Everest lounge today. They have Wii Wimbledon and the place has a very mainland European feel to it.

The best part of my day was chatting with Micon and Gank. We were aproached by a Sapphire stripper and she told us they had a male revue at the weekends now. OK, which one of us set off her gay radar? Way too hot to hang by the pool and I had a great view of the Sapphire pool from one of the suites and it seemed very very quiet.

1) Kim Wooka and an Everest teammate.

2) I thought Argentinian but this is a Brazilian team.

3) This lady is a fan of “Poker on the Lake” Elsinore.

4) I asked Daniel Negreanu to choose a railbird of the day.

5) This is my choice but we won’t be seeing her on Day2.

6) Adam Noone, dreaming of a title.


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