God save Jeffrey Pollack

Jeffrey Pollack ,the WSOP commish, coolness rose with the thermometer this afternoon as he agreed to allow the Sex Pistols version of ” God Save the Queen” to be played at the bracelet ceremony for John Kabbaj and some random lobster fisherman.

For those not as cool as Jeffrey and myself the lyrics include “God save the Queen , her fascist regime, God save the Queen, she ain’t no human being.Ther’s no future in England’s dreaming.”

Unfornately, it seems Kabbaj wasn’t in on the joke  so another awards ceremony has been scheduled for tomorrow. Jon Shoreman was first to protest to Jeffrey + Seth Palansky the media director. The British have a good sense of humour and I can only think that Shoreman was upset that an American was poking fun at the Brits as we can do it to ourself thank you. To balance the situation out he could have played Jimi Hendrix playing the American anthem or Springsteen’s ” Born in the USA.” With only about 100 players in the Amazon this was the day to do such a prank.

As a British media subject I contacted the Queens press secretary who replied, ” The Queen wishes to speak with Mr Pollack before she says “shuffle up and deal” at the WSOP Europe this year. Until then we are boycotting the Pollack fish.” Cod tastes better anyway.

When my “Brits in Las Vegas” team win the media event you can play the Sex Pistols again. Team member Anthony Holden would probably disagree with me on that one.

If he butchers a sheep on the podium to celebrate the Iranian victory today, I will be pissed. Should be an interesting ceremony tomorrow.

1) Jeffrey Pollack holds an IRA flag to seal his anti Anglo bad PR day.jeffrey-pollack


5 Comments to “God save Jeffrey Pollack”

  1. Jon Shoreman says:

    The first thing I did after the ceremony was to ask john if he had requested this or if he knew about it. Had this been the case I would have siad or done nothing.

    I think the introduction of the award ceremony is a good idea for the wsop. I have no objections to different versions of national amthums being played. But this song is NOT a version of the national anthum. It is an anti- British song, that was banned in the UK when it first came out. I have no objection to the song, but I think to play it at an award ceremony is a joke and an insult. How would Americans have reacted if an anti-American song were to be played? I think there would be uproar, and rightly so. This isn’t about having a sense of humour or not. It’s about doing the right thing, and this was very much the wrong thing. I felt very sorry for john who had what was the crowning point of his poker life spoiled. He did not find it funny at all. He is a friend and I felt it correct and neccessarry to voice my objections.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for writing Jon. I really wanted to poll the English players on this. I saw Harry Demetriou today I am sure he would have something to say on the subject.

  3. Martyn Lester says:

    Maybe, if Marcel Luske were to pull off a win, they could show similar sensitivity and play John Dowie’s British Tourist (“The Dutch, the Dutch, I hate them worse than dogs; They live in windmills, and mince around in clogs”).

    Hard to imagine them playing the Dead Kennedys’ Stars and Stripes of Corruption when US players win bracelets, though. But you never know…

  4. Snag says:

    Ask Harry Demetriou what he would think if they played the Northern Cyprus anthem if he won an event.

  5. Steve says:

    I can assume he will not be playing the WPT event in September then?

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