Pokergossip welcomes Michele Lawson

While I continue to enjoy the weather in L.A. (mid seventies) Michele Lawson is probably shivering in a corner of the Amazon room. She had told me that her husband Ted is in the $40k with Isaac Haxton and Brandon Adams at his table.  Apparently Isaac has cropped his hair. I suspect he is very geeky without the hair. Ted is up to 125k.

201 players entered, which I think is very respectable.27 places paid. At first glance I noticed no Todd Brunson. Prince Jean Gispard is hoping to crown a good year . The lovely Heather Mercer is a shock entry. business must be good, Heather! I received a text just before 5pm saying Ted was out and they were heading home. As Norman Chad might say ” I’ve had ex wives cost me less than that per hour.” Also out our diminutive stud friend Dario Minieri who will be at the Karaoke bar by now. The only other player I care about is Neil Channing. He is the guy in the blackbeltpoker top.michellelawson1


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