Live from Day2 at the Commerce

5:30pm: down to four tables: Unknown, overnight leader, Shane Rose still has over 200k.Daniel Alaei, Khalid Hameed + Super Mario are leading the rest of the pack. Jimmy Fricke, Tony Ma, Rodeen Talebi, Raz Mael, Al Barbieri ,Stephen Borgo + Danny Ho survive in a ME really lacking in TV appeal. Perhaps a good thing it isn’t televised then.

7:00pm: 30 players remain, 27 get paid. Latest eliminations Para Gill,Kelly Kim,  Chris Tryba and Jimmy Fricke.

Midnight: 27) Mel Wiener 26) Dan Smith 25) Pogos 24) P Luong 23) K aval 22) Q Pan 21) S Stepanyan 20) P Chauderson 19) Kirk Conrad 18) Behzad J 17) Tony Ma 16) Ed Liu 15) Stephen Borgo 14) Vinh Duong 13) Vic Shalom 12) Ron Tregellis 11) Charles Kelley 10) Rodeen Talebi

19-27 $10375

Players left:
1) Matt Affleck (Not Ben’s bro) 821k
2) Daniel Alaei 565k
3) Super Mario 472k
4) Ian Kim 407k
5) Khalid Hameed 337k
6) Shane Rose 313k
7) Raz Mael 205k
8) D Fish 205k
9) Gi Xu 176k

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