Heads Up at the Commerce

The show must go on. Another day, another tremor. Just my luck if….
Anyway, the heads up line up is as follows:
Robert Tanniru v Amir Shahin
Jason McIntosh v Sal Rassibi
Andrew Bach v Thao Thiem
Roman Paradiso v Thanh Luong

Results are in.
1) Sal Rassibi $20k plus seat
2) Robert Tanniru $11k
3) Andrew Vogelbach $6k
4) Amit Shahin $4k
5) Tommy Luong $3k

A few names here: Scott Diamond (poker forum addict), John Phan, Jimmy Fricke, Thor Hanson,Thayer+Frankie O’Dell . Downstairs we have a pair of Viet cuties in Diane Nguyen and Sara Chau.

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6 Comments to “Heads Up at the Commerce”

  1. Andrew Vogelbach says:

    Poker Gossip,

    Congratulations on the well designed site. You list my name as Andrew Bach when in fact it is Andrew Vogelbach. Just giving you a heads up and good job on the site.

    Andrew Vogelbach

  2. Steve says:

    Congratulations on doing so well in a skill based tournament.

  3. Ernesto Bautista says:

    Amir Shahin in my opinion was the best player out of the four in the heads up tournament, he is a high stakes SNG pro on Cake and pokerstars.

  4. Poker Addict?

    If I wasn’t half Brit I would think that comment was true! Nice picture, at least you know how to work a camera.

  5. brandon says:

    farewell to the Diamond… taking a l.o.a. from poker and poker related duties

  6. Excellent tips .I really appreciate all these points, and I agree completely…

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