Four eras of poker babes in one place

Walking through the three rooms holding Day1a of the $1k I realised we had four eras of my blogging present. From my days of the UltimatePokerChallenge at the Plaza we had Denver’s Ruth Graham and Connie Kim. Then from ,when I was famous, Maria Ho,then pokerfolio days the lovely Jenny Lam and from 2009 LAPC days Sara Chau.Not quite sure what tomorrow can bring.

Neil Channing is putting his team in one of those 10 bedroomed party houses. Depending how deep he plays in the $40k he may be freerolling already. I watched the first hand of the $40k today and Andrew Robl bust.

I noticed two casinos offering all day buffet passes for $20 + $25. Unfortunately, it isn’t the Rio,Wynn or Bellagio.

It appears that Sara Chau 18500 and Connie Kim 11400 are through to Day2. George Bronstein (Full Tilt cap) has 22400.

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