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After six consecutive meets at Santa Anita, my best sequence of the winter meet, I had to leave my comfort zone that is Arcadia, Sirra Madre + S.Pasadena , to visit the Bell area. It must be Hell if you stay across from the Bike at the Comfort Inn as the rooms face the parking lot of a lively looking Mexican nightclub. During the daytime you just see the blood being washed from the sidewalks. By night I am back in my comfort zone!

Today was event #1 of the America Poker Classic and it was a sell out. 350 players sat down and others shut out. The winner will probably not be decided until dawn. I did see one remarkable hand where eight players all saw the river which produced a board of 7,8,9,10,J. Not one of the eight held a queen so the dealer chopped .

The results are now in : 1)A Abargil $12592 2) Brian Trang $6k 3) Paul Javier $3k 4) Michael Hulse $2k 5) Dong Xu $1500.

At the Bellagio one of Mr Channings stable (or was) Praz Bansi is the FT chip leader . Only 37 entries leaving the Fontana looking very empty.

The American Poker Classic runs daily at 4pm until the 26th April. The buy ins range from $100 to $1000 for the ME.


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